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Allumersutra 13mm Gold Spinner Necklace.

Flick the gold disc to reveal the couple coming together as one.

Based on the iconic illustrations of Kama Sutra – from Sanskrit; kāma ‘love’ + sūtra ‘thread’. – defined as an ancient Sanskrit guide to sexual technique, human sexual behaviour and love.

The collection focuses on the classic spinner that is engraved with a couple in an erotic kama sutra position. At first glance, it displays a beautiful engraved illustration of curves, when spun reveals the erotic position.

This spinner-pendant is made with a precious metal of your choice including 9kt Yellow Gold or Silver and comes on a colourful ball chain of your choice that could then be used as a necklace or bracelet.

It is based on 5 positions and caters to girl + boy, boy + boy, girl + girl.

Beautifully finished and packaged in the exclusive ‘Allumer’ match box saying “Light Up My Life”.

A British product, made in Britain.

Pendant: 13mm

Chain: Approximately 50cm long but could be cut to desired length with scissors.
Can be worn as a bracelet by wrapping around the wrist.