Natasha Leith-Smith winning Everywoman award

About Allumer

“Forged from friendship, what started as just a present to my best friend, was suddenly red-hot, she loved it so much, she showed it to her friends, and now everybody wants them…” – Natasha Leith-Smith

I have grown up surrounded by jewellery. Ever since I was a little girl, I used to spend my days stringing pearls for my mother, a gemologist, to get pocket money!

In 2008, my passion became a reality when I made a bracelet for my best friend. She showed it to her friends and then everyone wanted one – I was in demand! And so over night, Allumer was born.

Allumer means to light up in French. As you can see, all our collections are dazzling and colourful. I hope that our jewellery brings light to your life, as it has to mine.

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