Jewellery care

At Allumer we source our materials from all over the world using only the best gemstones and metals to create our fabulous and unique pieces especially for you. Our jewellery needs to be handled with love and care as daily wear and tear can affect the appearance of any delicate metal or precious stone.

We recommend you keep your jewellery separate for example lay silver with silver, gold with gold etc. as to not tarnish the metal or gemstone. In order to take extra care of your jewellery we recommend that you have a fabric pouch or lined jewellery box to store your pieces of jewellery. Also always try to keep bracelets or necklaces fastened so that they don’t get tangled up or get knotted.

Make a habit of always putting your jewellery on last each day when you get dressed as you don’t want your jewellery to come into contact with lotions and scents as this can cause the precious metals or gemstones to become tarnished.

In terms of cleaning and up keep of your jewellery we recommend that you rub gold and silver with a soft, clean cloth to maximise the shine. Pieces of jewellery set with gemstones can be revitalised by simply cleaning them with a soft brush and soapy water. With pearls you can wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth after wearing them to remove perfume, hairspray etc. or anything else that may damage the pearl.


Gold is a relatively soft and delicate metal. The higher the carat the softer the metal, so due to the alloys in 9ct gold it tends to be more resistant to scratching and tarnishing than gold of a higher carat. Use a soft, clean and lint free cloth to carefully polish your gold jewellery. Gold can be very easily damaged by chlorine so be careful not to wear your gold jewellery in a pool or hot tub.

Care of Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is a layer of gold over sterling silver and also requires the same good care and attention that gold does. Just like gold, gold vermeil is very susceptible to damage from chlorine so avoid wearing it around chlorine.

Care of Sterling Silver

Silver is a beautiful metal however it does tarnish quite easily so does need good care and regular cleaning. Polish your silver with a soft, clean and lint free cloth or alternatively you can clean it in warm soapy water ensuring it is rinsed fully and dried before storing. Just like both gold and gold vermeil, silver is also susceptible to damage from chlorine so avoid wearing silver around chlorine.

Care of Gemstones

Gemstone hardness is based on a scale called the Mohs scale, which was created back in 1812. The scale characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. The higher the Mohs scale number the harder the stone and the lower the Mohs scale number the more susceptible the stone is to scratching, chipping or breaking. This is an important factor to remember when it comes to the general care and cleaning of your Gemstone.

When cleaning your gemstones it is important that you remember what stage of the scale the particular gemstone is on. As a general rule gemstones above 7 on the Mohs scale can be cleaned with warm water, a touch of mild detergent and a soft brush. Any stones under 7 on the Mohs scale should be cleaned with a soft cloth instead of a soft brush.

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