Allumer Match Royale


This luxury Pendant, the Allumer Match Royale, is crafted from the metal of your choice with a faceted Briolette and a single Diamond.


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Allumer Royale Match with Diamond

Find your match and kindle the fire with the elegant Allumer ‘Match’ Necklace. Beautifully crafted from silver with a precious faceted briolette.

Choose your briolette from a range of precious stones: Garnet (red), Topaz (light blue), Iolite (dark blue), Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Moonstone (cloudy white), Amethyst (pale purple), Smokey Quartz and Citrine (yellow).

Either wear just one Allumer, or keep adding…

Beautifully finished and packaged in the exclusive ‘Allumer’ match box.

A british product, Made In Britain

MATCH: 40mm silver and 2mm x 5mm briolette tip. Diamond is set at the top of the match
Chain: Colour ballchain. Approximately 50cm long but could be cut to desired length with scissors. Can also be worn as a bracelet by wrapping around the wrist.