Allumer is teaming up with Maggie’s, everyone’s home of cancer care.
£5 of every Maggie’s Bell Necklace will be donated to Maggie’s.


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Allumer is teaming up with Maggie’s, everyone’s home of cancer care.
£5 of every Maggie’s Bell Necklace will be donated to Maggie’s.

Your £5 donation can do wonders for Maggie’s and their families, offering them a helping hand in so many ways:

  • £5 pays for tea for a day
  • £10 pays for a cotton jersey hat for someone attending Talking Heads
  • £30 pays for an hour of advice and support
  • £45 pays for an hour with a Benefits Advisor
  • £60 pays for an exercise class for up to 10 people
  • £65 pays for a family to receive 1.5 hours of support from a psychologist
  • £100 pays for a two hour Managing Stress session for up to 10 people
  • £300 pays for a Cancer Support Specialist to provide advice and support to anyone with cancer, with any type of cancer during drop-in at a Centre each day.

For 26 years, Maggie’s has been providing expert care and support to everyone with cancer and the people who love them. Maggie’s centres are welcoming spaces.

You don’t need an appointment and their support is always free. We now have 24 centres across the UK from Southampton to the Scottish Highlands and 4 international centres in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Barcelona and Groningen. Each centre sees around 100 people a day.

Every centre sits and works alongside an NHS cancer hospital and is designed by award-winning and internationally-renowned architects and landscape designers. The buildings are bright, uplifting spaces and filled with light and warmth. They are built to feel like a home with warm rugs, beautiful views, sofas to curl up on and a large kitchen table at their heart.

At Maggie’s, you are met by expert professionals who really understand and know the world you are in. Many of their staff come from the NHS and have years of experience in cancer care. They listen to how you are feeling and make sure you are offered the right support. That might be benefits advice, a one-to-one meeting with a psychologist, group support, a relaxation session or a gentle exercise class. They also know that meeting others in the same boat as you can be hugely beneficial.

Maggie's Royal Free Hospital centre

Maggie’s Royal Free Hospital centre

Maggie's Cancer walk, Hampstead Heath

Maggie’s Cancer walk, Hampstead Heath – Maggie’s x Allumer Bell Necklace. orange chain with a silver colour bell

For further information and support please visit or contact your local Maggies.

Clashing colours collide with the introduction of tiny bells – the only necklace to be heard in as well as seen in this season!

Colourful orange ball chain necklace / bracelet with a silver colour bell.

Let your creativity take over: choose your bell and chain colour for a unique combination!

The colours allow the chains to be stackable and stylish, perfect for special occasions.

Comes packaged in the exclusive ‘Allumer’ matchbox.

Chain: Orange Colour ball chain. Approximately 50cm long but could be cut to desired length with scissors. Can also be worn as a bracelet by wrapping around the wrist.


Ballchain Colour

Bell Colour