Allumersutra Silver 13mm Pendant Girl + Boy

Inspired by the Kama Sutra, the 13mm Allumersutra Silver Pendant with Girl + Boy illustration upon a coloured ball chain, ready to be personalised just for you!


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Allumersutra 13mm Silver Spinner Necklace, Girl + Boy

Based on the iconic illustrations of Kama Sutra – from Sanskrit; kāma ‘love’ + sūtra ‘thread’. – defined as an ancient Sanskrit guide to sexual technique, human sexual behaviour and love. The collection focuses on the classic spinner that is engraved with a couple in an erotic Kama Sutra position. At first glance, it displays a beautiful engraved illustration of curves, when spun reveals the erotic position. Five Positions are available to choose from: ‘The 69’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘The Clasp’, ‘The Eagle’ and ‘The Plough’ and caters to Girl + Boy, Girl + Girl and Boy + Boy pairings.

The Allumersutra Spinner Pendant is made from your choice of 9kt Yellow Gold or Silver and comes on the signature Allumer coloured ball chain.

Beautifully finished and packaged in the exclusive Allumer match box.

A British product, made in Britain.

Pendant: 13mm, Chain: 50cm (approx.) can be cut to desired length with scissors. Can be worn as a bracelet by wrapping around the wrist.