Radical X ALLUMER Bell Necklace

Allumer is teaming up with Radical Recruit Charity.
£5 of every Radical bell necklace goes towards a Radical.

Radical Recruit bridges the gap between disadvantaged job seekers and the business world.

  • Just £5 can make a big difference, providing both immediate help and supporting a Radical’s journey to stability.


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Allumer is teaming up with Radical Recruit – an organisation dedicated to getting people with challenging backgrounds into employment. The Gold Allumette Bell is a symbol of hope for those who have overcome adversity. Whether it’s domestic abuse, homelessness, substance abuse or incarceration, everyone deserves a chance at getting to stand back up on their own feet.

£5 of every order goes toward helping a Radical – like Tia or Steve – to get a good job and build a life that they’ll love.

Your £5 donation can do wonders for our Radicals and their families, offering them a helping hand in so many ways:

  • It keeps our Radicals connected by topping up their data, so they don’t miss out on important updates or lose touch with support networks.
  • Offers a lifeline to a woman fleeing domestic violence by covering her taxi fare to a safe place.
  • Helps keep the lights on and the house warm for a Radical and their family, stopping them from freezing this winter.
  • Gets a Radical to and from a job interview by bus, giving them a shot at landing a job.
  • Feeds a Radical and their family for a night, ensuring they have a decent meal.
  • Just £5 can make a big difference, providing both immediate help and supporting their journey to stability.

Radical Recruit, a charitable recruitment consultancy, champions individuals facing homelessness and other barriers to work —referred to affectionately as ‘Radicals’. They are dedicated to helping their Radicals securing meaningful employment with fair pay and do this by partnering with progressive employers who appreciate the value of diverse identities and experiences. Radical Recruit has successfully facilitated employment for over 650 Radicals. Furthermore, an outstanding 92% of these placements have been sustained for six months or longer, underscoring the lasting impact of their efforts.

For further information and support please visit


Clashing colours collide with the introduction of tiny bells – the only necklace to be heard in as well as seen in this season!

Colourful yellow ball chain necklace / bracelet with a gold colour bell.

Let your creativity take over: choose your bell and chain colour for a unique combination!

The colours allow the chains to be stackable and stylish, perfect for special occasions.

Comes packaged in the exclusive ‘Allumer’ matchbox.

Chain: Yellow Colour ball chain. Approximately 50cm long but could be cut to desired length with scissors. Can also be worn as a bracelet by wrapping around the wrist.



Ballchain Colour

Bell Colour